Sunday, July 29, 2012

How To Stamp Artwork-Part 2 of 4

Now that I own a CTMH stamp, how do I get started?

This tidbit of information will show you how to mount and “prime” your stamps.

First I must tell you that I’m a very “wordy” person.  In my last blog when I said this is not “hard” and doesn’t take a lot of “work”; I meant it!  This looks like a lot, but I’m trying to give step by step instructions, so it appears to be a lot of work, but it really isn’t.  You’ll see!

First, you need an acrylic block.  Size doesn’t matter as long as it’s big enough for the stamp you are using.  Meaning, you don’t have to own 10 different block sizes, just as long as you have a large enough one to accommodate the largest stamp you have.  You can always mount a small stamp on a big block, but you can’t fit a big stamp on a small block.   I recommend 2 different sizes to get started; 2x2 (click here)and a 3x3 (click here).  If you have larger stamps, we also have a variety of other block sizes (click here).  I recommend the small one because although you could put the small one on a bigger block, it is easier for leverage of the block to not have a lot of extra space.  But make no mistake, if a 4x4 or bigger is all you have, it CAN be doneJ

Next you need your stamp set.  Remove your chosen stamp image and mount on the block.  If you look close, on the bottom edge of the block by my left thumb is a line for a guide to ensure you mounted it straight.

I learned some awesome tricks on how to “prime” my stamps.  This is something you can do for all stamp types.  I wish I could remember my fellow CTMH sisters that posted the information to give her/them credit.  SorryL  What is “priming” your stamp?  Well, if you stamp your image, and you wish it would be just a little “bolder” or “solid”, you prime it.  There were many suggestions of how to do this, but the one that works best for ME is:  Mount your stamp to the acrylic block and rub it on your arm.  This will help smooth the image and allow the ink to give a “bolder more solid” look to it.  **Just make sure you prime it BEFORE you ink it.  LOL.  If not, YOU will be pretty colorfulJ

Another good trick is to take a small sanding tool and “buff” the stamp(click here)

You can also use an eraser

Below is a picture of a stamp I had not used yet.  The stamp worked great right out of the package, however, if you look at the letter "U" and around the "squiggle" on the bottom right, you can see where the ink didn't cover.

Below is a picture of the same stamp used after "priming" on my arm.  Full coverage.

You are now ready to stamp.  Happy StampingJ

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at or call me at 614-725-9677.

Stay tuned for my next lesson:  What type of ink should I use?

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