Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To Stamp Artwork-Part 4 of 4

The first 3 parts of my 4 part lesson discussed the pro's and con's for different types of stamps, how to mount and "prime" your stamps, and descriptions of inks available.  The last part of this series will discuss proper technique for stamping your image.

Once we are done with this lesson, we will move on to the "Technique Boutique" to learn fun techniques with stamps and inks to create beautiful artwork.

How do I stamp an image?

Most have played with stamps, even those that don't scrapbook or craft.  I remember making stamps in Kindergarten out of a sponge.  We cut circles and triangles and dipped in paint...what a mess.  I also remember in Jr. High making a stamp in art class.  I can't remember what the name of the material we used, but we carved an image out and again...used paint.  It was fun!

When you receive your CTMH stamp, you will find a foam insert included with each set.  This is not packaging to protect the stamp...well it its, but that's not its main purpose.  You will use this when stamping your image.

Your first step is to place the foam under the paper you're going to stamp your image on.  The foam allows  "give", if you will, when stamping your image. 

 I compare it to a mattress.  Imagine the entire backside of your body covered in paint.  I know, sounds weird, but stay with me.  Now imagine lying down on a flat board (your scrapbook table) to stamp the image of your backside.  There would be areas that wouldn't stamp...the small of your back, your neck, ankles...are you still imagining this?  Now imagine your backside covered in paint and you lie down on your mattress (foam insert).  Your mattress "snuggles" around you to fill in the areas that a flat board wouldn't.  That's how this works.

Next you want to "ink" your stamp.  I typically tap it with medium pressure 3-4 times in the ink.  

Place your stamp straight down on the paper and apply pressure.  Be sure not to rock your stamp (block) so the image appears as intended.  
  • When using an image with "fine" lines, apply little to medium pressure.  If you press too hard, your lines could be too thick on one side or have a smudged look. 
  • When using a stamp with a "thicker and/or bolder" image, you want to apply medium to hard pressure to get the bold even color on the paper.  

And that is how you stamp with our acrylic stamps.

Don't forget to clean your stamp.  You will need My Acrylics 
Spritz Cleaner and My Acrylics Stamp Scrubber.  

Spray the "scrubber" side.

In a circular motion, rub your stamp to clean.  Then repeat on the dry side to dry your stamp.

This is the end of my 4 part lesson.  Now that you know everything there is to know about the "how to's", now it's time to learn some techniques and make some artwork!  Stay tuned;)

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!



  1. Excellent tutorial. Your pictures are fantastic! You're a great teacher! :-)

  2. Thank you so much! I will let my 13 year old son, Sam, know you like his pics:)