Monday, August 13, 2012


Today I'm going to show you how to ink on chipboard to make your own embellishment.  

Supplies needed:

Refer to my 4 part lesson for priming, inking, using, and cleaning your stamps.  You will need to follow those steps when making this embellishment.

Step 1
Place your chip board on your paper with the foam insert placed under the paper.  I placed a blue piece of cardstock under the chipboard just to give contrast so you could see the chipboard on the paper.

Step 2
After you've primed your stamp, ink it with your choice of color

Step 3 
Stamp your chipboard.  I used a stamp that is going to have a lot coverage so I recommend holding the stamp firmly against the chipboard and count to 10.  The chipboard is porous and will soak up the ink.  Counting to 10 allows the chipboard time to soak in the ink and to have good even coverage.  If you are using a stamp with a less solid coverage, I recommend holding the stamp with medium pressure counting to 5.

With this project I also used the Faux Leathering technique on the Chocolate and Pacifica.  Refer to my post on August 7th, 2012 for this technique.

Below is the card I made making my own embellishment.  It adds just the right touch and gives dimension to the card.

Have fun embellishing!

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